Correct Your Vision While You Sleep  

What is Orthokeratology?
Orthokeratology is the non-surgical improvement of eyesight through the therapeutic use of contact lenses. It SAFELY and predictably improves vision without cutting your eyes with a laser or LASIK surgery.

Can I really improve my vision quickly?
Cyberspace technology dramatically shortens improvement time to DAYS in most cases! However, some still require several weeks.

How do I know if I can be helped?
To determine if you are a good candidate for this procedure, a two-hour extended examination using sophisticated equipment must be scheduled. This examination costs $295 and must be prepaid to reserve the time.

At the completion of this examination, your Ortho-K fee will be presented by the doctor and discussed with you personally. The fee is determined by the amount of time Dr. Garber must spend with you, and the strength of your prescription. Stronger prescriptions and astigmatic patients often have higher fees.

The fees generally range between $3,000 and $4,000, and cover all examinations and Ortho-K lenses prescribed for a six-month period. After the first comprehensive examination, follow-ups are scheduled approximately at one week, one month, three months, and every six months thereafter. Any additional follow-ups the doctor feels are necessary during this six-month period are covered at no additional cost.

After the six-month period expires, all six-month follow-ups are $210. The doctor insists on speaking to each patient (or parent) individually by phone prior to examining them to evaluate any prior or existing health conditions that my cause problems. If all seems satisfactory, the doctor will suggest a mutually convenient appointment be made.

In addition, special Ortho-K brochures and literature are available in both English and Chinese and can be mailed to you, if desired.

Can you also help color-blindness?
In most cases, YES!
Our office uses high tech computers (photo below) to map out the EXACT curvature of the cornea so we can custom fit your contact lenses. eyesys.jpg


The "bottom line" in comparing orthokeratology to laser or LASIK surgery is just that.  That is, a non-surgical, reversible, safe and time-tested, non-invasive procedure, utilizing oxygen-permeable rigid contact lenses to gently reshape the cornea (similar to orthodonture).


A surgical, invasive, not time tested for safety procedure that is not reversible once it is done!

In addition, and this is very important, orthokeratology is F.D.A. approved, and is a drug-FREE vision improvement procedure, that is so safe and effective we routinely accept children over six years of age for the procedure.

On the other hand, laser surgery patients MUST USE potentially dangerous STEROIDS, and other drugs for MANY  MONTHS after surgery. (Just two of the possible life-altering negative side effects of these drugs are GLAUCOMA and CATARACTS!!!)

And of course, neither laser nor LASIK surgery is approved for anyone younger than 18 years of age. (I wonder why?)

It seems to me, that anyone who compares the risks and benefits of both procedures can only make one intelligent decision.

Ortho-K is truly the "Intelligent Alternative" (and "Best Kept Secret")!

Contact Dr. Garber today to make an appointment or learn more about the future of vision correction.

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