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Jerome Martin Garber, O.D., F.I.O.S., F.A.A.O., F.A.A.I.M., DIP., A.A.I.M.

Meet Dr. Garber

Dr. Jerome Martin Garber

After graduating from The Ohio State University College of Optometry and serving two years in the U.S. Army, Dr. Garber opened his specialty practice limited To Contact Lenses. From that point on, he has been an independent solo practioner, specializing in Orthokeratology and all aspects of myopia control.

In addition, Dr. Garber has been the "unofficial" orthokeratology international ambassador, making ortho-k presentations literally all around the world! In fact, he has introduced basic and accelerated ortho-k, and myopia control techniques to professional audiences in 28 different countries. Called by many of his colleagues, "The Ortho-K Guru," Doctor Garber is one of five original pioneer Charter Boarded Orthokeratology Fellows of the International Orthokeratology Section of the National Eye Research Foundation, and is considered one of the most experienced practicing Ortho-K practitioners in the world.

Dr. Garber is an intrepid traveler, a founding member of the Jacques Cousteau Society, a member of the World Wild Life Foundation, Save the Reef, The Nature Conservancy, and a certified SCUBA diver and wild life photographer, as well as a prolific national and international lecturer, a published author, and a clinical investigator.

  • Founder & First President of the Northeast Orthokeratology Society
  • Past Chairman of the New York State Board for Optometry
  • Past President of the New York Academy of Optometry
  • Charter Fellow and Member of Board of Directors of the International Orthokeratology Section of the National Eye Research Foundation
  • Life Member of the American Optometric Foundation
  • On the Advisory Committee of the Rigid Gas Permeable Lens Institute
  • Fellow of the International Orthokeratology Section, of the National Eye Research Foundation
  • Member of the American, New York State, & Nassau County Optometric Association
  • Member of the International Society of Contact Lens Specialists
  • Member of the American Public Health Association
  • Member of the Better Vision Institute
  • Member of the International Myopia Prevention Association
  • Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry
  • Fellow of the American Association of Integrated Medicine
  • Diplomate of American Association of Integrated Medicine

Please call for info, and a mutually convenient appointment to see me if you want the MOST CARING, experienced Ortho-K doc -- who has fit more Ortho-K patients than ANYONE else, ANYWHERE, at a fair professional fee.
On the other hand, if cheap and fast, not skilled and caring is your main interest you do not deserve me. Best for all concerned if you go elsewhere!... Sorry.
- Dr. G

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