Correct Your Vision While You Sleep  

Easy vision correction through ACCELERATED Orthokeratology!

ORTHO-K is a NON-SURGICAL, FDA approved procedure for children as young as 6 yrs old. ORTHO-K WILL stop MYOPIA FROM PROGRESSING THE VERY FIRST NIGHT the lenses are worn! NIGHT THERAPY ORTHO-K LENSES, are worn ONLY while the patient sleeps, and are removed upon awakening ....

That's right !!! ....NO EYE GLASSES, or contacts are worn during the day with good functional vision, all day long!!!

Not only does ORTHO-K stop the nearsightedness from progressing, but in addition, the patients vision continues to improve continually every day, with MANY patients achieving 20/20 in several days. In addition, Dr. Garber PERSONALLY custom designs EVERY patient's lenses individually... Every patient's eyes are UNIQUE, and must be treated that way..... And last, but not least, Dr. Jerome Martin Garber is the MOST CARING and experienced ORTHO-K doc in current practice, having SUCCESSFULLY treated thousands of patients at a fair and professional fee.

HELP STOP YOUR CHILDREN'S NEARSIGHTEDNESS(myopia) from progressing NOW, .... and have them experience the real joy of healthy, clear vision. THAT'S RIGHT ...NO GLASSES OR CONTACTS... ALL DAY LONG!

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Click on the image below to view the CBS-TV Video about Dr. Garber and Ortho-K.

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